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KSh5,500 KSh6,000 Sale

LCD Keypad FORB – Fortress Series

> The LCD keypad are intended for daily operation of the ARC3008 via RS485
> Beautifu new design
> 32-character blue LCD screen
> Keypad and display backlight
> 4 status LEDs for power, battery, fault and bypass status
> 8 Area LEDs for the status of Area 1 to 8
> Real-time zone alarm display
> Menu-driven programming for easy use and setting
> Different menu for installer and users
> Support English and Italy languages simultaneously
> Buzzer for acoustic signaling
> Keypad shortcuts hold -down PANIC, ROBBERY, MEDICAL and FIRE alarms
KSh5,500 KSh6,000
KSh5,500 KSh6,000

Product Location

Nairobi, Kenya
KSh5,500 KSh6,000

Vendor Information

KSh5,500 KSh6,000
KSh5,500 KSh6,000

Product Enquiry

Technical Specification
Environmental Class II
Supply Voltage 12V DC
Enclosure dimensions 180 × 84 × 27 mm
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ +55℃
Humidity 10% ~ 90%
Device Weight 280g
Max. Current Consumption 70mA
Tamper Funtion Case tamper and leave-wall tamper supported
Installation Wall mounting